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Most important CRM features

To collect all the possible benefits you can get from Maxi CRM Software you have to pick the right one (different CRM features). And to pick the right CRM system it is very important to know what to search for and what is most important to have. Some systems have one set of CRM features, other system have some other set of different CRM features but they all must have that one set of features that are pretty much standard. Those features make that CRM system good. What are those features?

I can create a really long list with all the features that different CRM systems have but that would take too much time and space so I will list just the ones that are most important and are “must have” for every CRM. And Maxi CRM has them all.

CRM Features - Maxi CRM

CRM Features


Imagine that you buy something and then you realize that it is really difficult to use it. And it is also hard to learn how to use it. If you knew that before, would you buy it? It is important that CRM system is easy to use and that workers don’t have to learn a lot about how to use it. Another important thing that kind of connects with the whole concept of simplicity is implementation. Every CRM system must have the possibility of simple implementation. Trust me, nothing kills motivation more than complicated and hard-to-use application.


You can’t just copy the CRM solution from someone else. Of course, most of CRM systems are pretty much the same but you have to pick the system that is flexible and easily customizable so you can make it to fit your needs. Customization has to be simple and very easy, just like it is with Maxi CRM.

Campaign management

When creating some campaign it is important to track every activity about it, from the building and testing to actually applying that campaign. With CRM system you should get a powerful feature for managing campaigns.

Mobile access

Every CRM system must be easily accessible through mobile devices. If you are on the field and need some important information about some client you have to be able to reach that information with your mobile phone.

Remote access

Mobile access allows you to get to the important data with your phone while remote access feature allows you to access every information you need from any location. More and more people like working at home because their productivity is much higher in that way and remote access will allow them that.

Remote Access - Maxi CRM Features

List management

When you get some CRM system you will need to manage different lists. If some CRM system doesn’t support management of more lists then it should be crossed of your list.


What’s the point of entering all the data and tracking all the activities if there is no clear view of what it actually means. CRM must offer analytics that will allow users to check their results and make important decision based on that results.

Social media integration

Social media numbers are really huge and the number of people using social media is increasing more and more each day. That’s why CRM system should have an easy integration with social media networks. That will allow companies to track different trends, gain a complete insight in customers satisfaction and check what people are saying about that specific brand. It is easy to see what type of links and posts on specific network attracts more visitors to website.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is still alive and lots of people create e-mail campaigns to inform people about some news, give them coupons and discounts or offer them some product. CRM system should be able to connect with every e-mail campaign and give a complete insight about sent and opened e-mails and similar stuff.

Project management

Another “must-have” feature is a possibility to track every project you have and get a complete statistics about it. In that way it is possible to track performance and effectiveness of different projects and decide about improvements, new projects or shutting down some existing projects.


What if you collect lots of information and data and then one day it is simply gone without a way to get it back? Every “normal” CRM system must have a good security system that will allow companies using their CRM to function on perfectly normal way even when some servers of provider are down. And a backup option that will allow companies to get data if the primary source is lost.

Just like I mentioned in the beginning, there are really a lot of other features that can be included into some CRM system like Maxi CRM but these are the most important ones. If you want to know details about CRM goals and the complete process I recommend reading the next article – Key CRM principles and phases.

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What is CRM | Cloud CRM Solution

What is CRM?

Maxi CRM is one of the best softwares for building, maintaining and strengthening you relationship with customers. Or in some other words, it will make your customer relationship management a lot easier. But, what is CRM? And what can it give to you? Keep reading to find out.

What is CRM actually?

Just like I mentioned above, CRM is a term used for Customer Relationship Management. CRM is a combination of all things that represent some interaction with customers. CRM can used for B2C (Business to Customer Relationship) but lots of companies also use it for B2B (Business to Business Relationship). In some other article I will explain why the relationship with customers is so important but it is easy to figure out some stuff by yourself too. If you develop some connection with customers they will feel more important and therefore like you and your company better. Simple as that. And that’s why you should use CRM software.

CRM software is exactly what you want. It is a software that will allow you to interact with your customers and track everything about that interaction. Every CRM software comes with large number of different features that will help with increasing the relationship with customers. Every CRM system must allow customers to track names, e-mails, phone numbers and other basic information about clients. Some advanced systems can even track phone calls, sent e-mails, track their social media and similar while the most advanced ones can even save interactions and present you with some solutions.

Lots of people ask themselves if they need a CRM software and the answer is really and truly yes. Of course you can track customer information in some Excel file or in your notepad but it is hard. If you have 10 customers then it is possible but what if your business expands (and that should be your goal) and you get more than 100 customers, how will you track every each one of them? And that is exactly what CRM system does and that is exactly why you should get one.

Maxi CRM | What is CRM - Map

Still not convinced? Let’s see some easy examples.

You have a big company with a completely separate sales team that has to call people in exact time, how will you manage all of that without many mistakes? CRM will help you with that.

A company is in interaction with some other business and you have to deal with lots of people inside that company, how will you always remember which person to contact and what to talk about? CRM system can easily get all the data about everyone and organize it for you.

And the main reason is already mentioned above. It is really hard to track all the information about customers if you have some bigger number. It’s not actually hard, it is impossible and without CRM you will surely make some mistakes.

Main Maxi CRM features

Maxi CRM is surely one of the best CRM systems out there. Why? Well, because it offers you everything you need to manage business on an easy and a smart way. Some of the main features that Maxi CRM offers you are:

  • Sales automation. Sales automation will help you to manage clients and effectively increase sales and profit. You will be able to see all your clients with all their history in only one place.
  • Marketing automation. Marketing automation will allow you to create targeted campaigns based on specific client database to create profit.
  • Project management. Easily manage all of the projects you created. That includes following the overall progress of some project, check the performance of it, efficiency and activity of your customers. And make changes based on all of that.
  • Helpdesk allows you to manage everything about sales and helpdesk in only one system. If your customers have some problems all they have to do is file a ticket. And dealing with them is really easy thanks to this efficient and easy helpdesk.

Some of the other features include advanced calendar where you can note and track every one of your meetings, tasks and calls, a detailed statistics chart where you can check the number of everything, from sent e-mails and opened e-mails to devices used to open them. The complete CRM system comes in responsive design, it is fast and easy to customize.

So, that’s it for the first part. In our next CRM article you can see all the advantages that you get with CRM. Check out part 2 – Benefits of CRM.

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